توسعه داده های ارتباطی پرشیا سیستم



Network Keyboard

۷’’ TFT touch screen at 800×۴۸۰ resolution;

۴-axis joystick;

Live view and playback of video on screen at up to 1080P resolution;

Compatible with NVR/DVR/DVS, matrix, network camera/dome, video wall controller, etc.

Macro command operation; 

Display of decoded video on monitor or video wall;

Shortcut keys for dome control, setting and calling of preset, patrol and pattern;

Shortcut keys for playback operation;

Shortcut keys for input group and output group; 

Shortcut keys for wiper and light control operation;

۱-channel video decoding for local live view;

Video capture and recording to local U-flash disk;

Support 3 operators, and each user is allowed to operate 1280 devices;

Support configuration by WEB server;

Support configuration by the Keyboard Configuration Tool;

Configuration and control of the MVC system;

Support control of the analog matrix with the protocol of ZT-1.0, ZT-2.0, EXTRON or CREATOR;

Control of up to 255 analog domes by RS-485 connection;

Accessible by the platform software.